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If you are frightened by the prospect of web design, feel that the templates offered by some servers are a bit stale or believe that the entire prospect would be too costly - then William Corey's Ripples In Designs Eclectic (R.I.D.E.) can help you, your group or your organization.

To see a few samples of what I have done in this realm, please look into the following:
(Note: This is a brief sample of sites that I have designed from scratch and have gained permission to include for review. The sites listed below are hosted by various free servers - so banner ads or pop-ups might be seen.)

Regain The Magic... (entertainers information and contact site)

Business & Professional Toastmasters Club#1169 (non-profit organization information and contact site -
this site was designed before website guidelines and templates were issued by the parent organization)

Psychic Repose Assoc. (psychic information and contact site - no longer maintained)

Design In Skulture (specialized art showroom and information site)

Rev. Pope Wilco's First Church Of the SubGenius' Eternal Pipe Dream (humorous live entertainment and contact information "framed" site)

R.I.D.E. is an affordable design service, specializing in but not limited to web design (for those who do not have the time or desire to learn web design and want more then a pre-designed template).

William states: "Having been thrown into the arena of web design, I know the troubles one can face when trying to put forward the best image possible, whether it be for personal or business usage. I have scoured the web for what I consider to be the best possible free images, code, web space providers and re-direction services available. This allows you to keep your monthly site maintenance cost to a minimum."

R.I.D.E. has the ability of being able produce flash introduction pages, photograph your products services or events, create custom backgrounds and artwork or input your own art and optimize it for better and quicker viewing.

R.I.D.E. knows the web and keeps abreast of what it takes to get your page noticed and listed with major search engines, getting you the hits and page views that count!

Did You Know -- many web site designs may look good but actually turn people and search engines away! A web designer / web master must be able to create and, if warranted, maintain your staus on the web. Case in point: Tremors - Feel the Music (see a comparison). R.I.D.E. not only listens to you, but also understands what your audience wants from your site and knows how to create workable solutions for optimal effect!

The only financial investment needed is for my time involved in your sites design and upkeep (if desired). Extra costs may include image / logo / banner creation, photo shoots, scanning, as well as, image / audio and video optimization. Tell me what you need or want and we can work something out.

If you wish to purchase your own .com .net or .org address or web space, then R.I.D.E. can direct you to a few companies that may fit your needs.

Call (504) 887-0530 or E-mail for more details

(Low Quantity Business Cards, Brochures,
as well as short duration
VHS / DVD / VCD, video / video slideshows are also available)

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